World Link Meditation

World Link Meditation

Opening the Three Tan Tiens to the Six Directions is a Chi Kung meditation that strengthens our connection to the Universe, opening us up to the primordial force of the Cosmos and the energy within Nature. We are dynamically connected to the infinite and infinitesimal. "As above, so below" is an echo of wisdom heard from sages and mystics through the ages. When we can connect to and absorb the energy that surrounds us, we are able to tap into the many splendors of the Universe.

We exist because of the unique combination of the forces that are around and within us. The two main forces are electricity and magnetism. Bio-electromagnetism is the Western term for life force, and what the Tao refers to as Chi. For the last 5,000 years the Taoists have utilized this bio-electromagnetic energy to enhance their way of life and establish a relationship with the Universe.

As we align ourselves with these forces, we become a conduit through which we can absorb and digest these energies through the body, mind, and spirit establishing a direct connection with the Universe. The Taoists recognized this connection, and created the Chi Kung form of Opening the Three Tan Tiens to the Six Directions to enhance our relationship to and our understanding of this connection.

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