Universal Tao System

Universal Tao System: Living
Tao Practices Instructor Training Handbook

Universal Tao System
You will become familiar with the evaluation requirements, the evaluation sequence and the complete evaluation process. This booklet includes the complete evaluation sheets for the following Living Tao Practices: Microcosmic Orbit (M), Iron Shirt Chi Kung I (I1), Iron Shirt Chi Kung II (I2), Bone Marrow Nei Kung (BM), Cosmic Cleansing (CC), Healing Love (HL), Tao Yin (Y1-2), Tai Chi Chi Kung I (T1), Tai Chi Chi Kung II (T2), Tai Chi Chi Kung III (T3), Fusion of the Five Elements I (F1), Fusion of the Five Elements II (F2) and Fusion of the Five Elements III (F3).

This booklet also includes the Universal Tao System Certification requirements in the Living Tao Practices (Instructor), Chi Nei Tsang (Practitioner), Cosmic Healing (Practitioner) and the Immortal Tao (Inner Alchemy Instructor), the Universal Tao System Instructor/Practitioner Agreement and Certification Form.

ISBN: 0-935621-28-8
53 Pages
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