Universal Tao System

Universal Tao System:
Living Tao Practices Instructor Training Manual

Universal Tao System
This booklet is meant to help and guide you through the theory and practice of the Universal Tao System. Being or becoming an Instructor is not just knowing the techniques or the teachings (although these are definitely important); it is mainly cultivating and developing the virtues and spiritual values that we teach - love, kindness, gentleness, courage, fairness, understanding, openess and a brother and sisterhood between all of us.

In this booklet you will find all the information for teaching and practice of the basic Universal Tao System. You will become familiar with Taoism, the basic Taoist Cosmology and the goals of the Universal Tao System.

This booklet includes general notes and teaching procedures for the following Living Tao Practices: Cosmic Inner Smile, Cosmic Healing Sounds, Microcosmic Orbit (M), Iron Shirt Chi Kung I (I1), Healing Love (HL), Tai Chi Chi Kung I (T1) and Fusion of the Five Elements I (F1). This booklet also includes frequently asked questions and gives you the answers to all the Living Tao Basic Practices.

Finally you will receive the key to the correct preparations and precautions to teach the Universal Tao System.

ISBN: 0-935621-29-6
69 Pages
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