Healing Love

Healing Love
Cultivating Sexual Energy

Healing Love
Universal Tao Healing Love Practices

Sexual Energy is one ofthe most powerful energies that human beingd have. Every religious and Spiritual system must have a method to transform sexual energy. Here are step by step procedures for managing and maintaining your Sexual Energy for the well-being of body, mind and spirit.

Sexual Energy is like fire. If fire is used properly it can serve you well. If you don't use it with respect, fire can burn down the house. So you have to learn to learn to handle this energy in the correct manner.

The Sexual organs can produce a lot of energy but they cannot store this energy. They can only, like fire, burn the energy. They need the other organs and the brain to store the energy.

Through the practices revealed herein you will learn to transform the Sexual Energy and make the connection; you will gain energy. If you don't know how to transform this energy, and if your sexual organs, vital organs and brain are disconnected, you will lose energy. For many people, this connection is no longer there, and one of the benefits of the Universal Tao Healing Love Practices is that this connection can be restored.

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