Greater Kan and Li

Greater Kan and Li
Enlightenment-Immortal Fetus

Greater Kan and Li

In this booklet you will find all the information needed to continue your practice of the Kan and Li meditations. In the Lesser Kan and Li, you learned to establish a cauldron in the navel. In this, the Greater Kan and Li, a new cauldron is re-established at the solar plexus, where most of the Greater Kan and Li meditation transpires.

The techniques of Greater Kan and Li include the coupling of hot and cold energy at the solar plexus, an extension of the steaming procedures taught in Lesser Kan and Li, and the creation of domestic animals and virgin children by the transformation of pure organ energy.

You can also reach higher levels of awareness by tapping higher sources of energy from Nature, and give birth to the soul and spirit body through self- intercourse, then project this spirit body to the Mid-Plane for astral flight.

The practices end with instructions for collecting refined energy in the navel cauldron for use in future meditations. You also learn how to collect other forms of outside energy, from the moon, sun, and stars.

This booklet is designed so that you can use it to do your practice at your home or anywhere in the world. We are happy to welcome you to the Universal Healing Tao System, and to join the Universal Healing Tao family as a practitioner of the Universal Healing Tao System.

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