Cosmic Inner Smile Comics
Energy Medicine of the Future

Illustrations by Udon Jande

This is the first of a series of colorfully the illustrated Cosmics put out by the Universal Tao System for fun and an entertaining way of a working with its practices.

In this booklet, the Taoist practice fundamental to all Taoist meditations - The Inner Smile - is explained and its formulas described step by step using a series of appealing Illustration.

You will learn how to deal with your emotional garbage and replace it with Smiling Energy, benefiting your own health and the health of those around you.

The captivating illustrations lead you step by step through the practices of Smiling Down to your internal organs and replacing sick energy with positive energy. These instructions are divided into three groups and you learn how to smile down the Front, Middle and Back Lines, transforming negative energies and emotions.

ISBN: 0-935621-49-0
70 pages
Price: $6.95

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