Sealing of the
Five Senses

Opening the Crystal Room

In this booklet for the first time ever Master Chia has revealed the final level of the Immortal Tao Practices of the Universal Tao System. You can divide your practice into several sections starting with the Three Levels of Kan & Li to set up the alignment of the body for the Opening of the Crystal Room in the Sealing of the Five Senses practices. Your training should be progressive; that is, once you have mastered one section, you can progress on to the next. Be sure to spend at least one or two weeks on each section as shown in this booklet, allowing enough time to thoroughly master each part before adding on the next section. Remember that you should always do the Chi Kung Warmups before going on into the meditation; it is very important to loosen the spine before meditation that helps your focus.

This booklet gives you an explanation and step-by-step practices of the Compatibility of the Penis and Vaginal Canal, Sexual Energizing Postures, Sexual Reflexology and Physical Characteristics and Secret Art of the Jade Chamber. There are 55 pages with over 75 color illustrations and images.

Sexual Reflexology: The Tao of Love and Sex - "Guide for Lovers"

The booklet presented here is built on the information from Master Chia's first four books on the Healing Love Energy: "Taoist Secrets of Love", "Healing Love", "Multi-Orgasmic Man", and "Multi-Orgasmic Couple". Master Chia takes the study of reflexology out of the realm of foot massage and into the realms of internal energy pathways, sexuality and compassion to guide students in understanding of Sexual Reflexology.

The study of Sexual Reflexology will help couples find their sexual energy potential is and physical compatibility. It will determine a couple's internal energy compatibility and reveal their character and disposition to help define the nature of their relationship. Whether alone, or with a lover, the "Sexercises" presented here can help anyone go deeper into a sexual relationship. The art that has evolved over centuries of Taoist understandings can be brought to life again today to further expand the healing power for lovers in the form of ecstatic acupressure.

exual Reflexology will enable you to evaluate a person's internal energy levels, as well as the size and shape of the sexual organs, by combining and observing external characteristics. Assessing physical appearance and bodily features can reveal the strengths and weaknesses of a person. It also reveals a couple's compatibility and can show you a potential lover.

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