Tai Chi Yang Style
Discharge Form

Tai Chi Chi Kung II

Mantak Chia & Andrew Jan

Tai Chi Yang Style, Discharge Form (Tai Chi Chi Kung II)This booklet gives a clear, detailed description of the Tai Chi Chi Kung Yang Discharge Form practiced in the Universal Healing Tao System. This form facilitates  and promotes the use of discharge power pronounced in Chinese as  Fa  Jin with hundreds of drawings and  detailed illustrations. It also covers the use of the eight variations of discharge power known as the Ba Fa Jin. Thes are explored in the context of  push hands (Tui Shou).

The authors show how the discharge power is revealed through the discharge form and technical exercises. The principles are revealed using a tripartite  approach based on the foundation of  the Universal Healing Tao System through the Iron Shirt Chi  Kung I and Tai Chi Chi Kung I practices.

Master Chia and  Dr. Andrew Jan provide you a clearly written and illustrated  book  with an historical overview of  the discharge power within the lineage of  internal martial arts and gives you their own translation of  the Tai Chi  classics, which are referred to throughout this text.

All Tai Chi  practitioners, beginners even through to advanced forms should  read this book. Not only for  the purpose of harnessing martial art power but also as the classics reveal, learning the "Jin" that will assist every student in both their spiritual and  healing journey.

ISBN: 978-616-90057-7-3
68 Pages
Price: $6.95

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