Elixir Chi Kung

Elixir Chi Kung
Creating the Golden Earth Pill

Elixir Chi KungIn this booklet Elixir Chi Kung builds on the additional healing aspects of the Universal Tao foundation practices. In Elixir Chi Kung you will learn how to use the Nectar of Life in combination with a mixture of sativa, hormonal fluids and Cosmic essences for healing yourself. By guiding this Golden Elixir you will learn to connect the organs, senses and their surplus energy with the Cosmic Forces, Sun, Moon, the Big Dipper and North Star.

In Elixir Chi Kung, Master Mantak Chia continues to bring the ancient, time rested wisdom of the Universal Tao System tot he Western world. Elixir Chi Kung presents a whole new understanding and approach to healing with detailed explanations of self-healing techniques and ways to transform the saliva into a Golden Elixir to heal and revitalize yourself.

Learn to develop your most powerful healing potential through the Elixir Chi Kung combined with your Mind, Eyes, Heart and Intention. Elixir Chi Kung encourages your internal energy to bloom so as to enhance your self-healing and your ability together the Golden Earth Pull of pure Yin energy maintaining a perfect, natal balance for you won immortally.

ISBN: 0-935621-55-5
61 pages
Price: $6.95

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