Chi Nei Tsang II

Chi Nei Tsang II
Internal Organs Chi Massage

Chi Nei Tsang IIIn this booklet Chi Nei Tsang II builds on the procedures taught in Basic Chi Nei Tsang - sensing and touching the abdomen, then clearing and detoxifying the organs and lymphatic system.

Once the Basic procedures have been mastered, the student can use this booklet to work with the Winds in the body which can cause illness and diseases. You will learn how to open the Wind Gates by making "traps" for the winds, using your elbow, fingers and thumbs. Then you can flush the winds out of the body. The effects and locations of the twelve winds are discussed in detail. Diagrams and step by step instructions for flushing out the winds make it easy for bath the practitioner and the student him herself to follow the procedures.

The booklet ends with a discussion of the applications of these techniques to a number of specific health problems like heart attacks, arthritis and hiatal hernias.

ISBN: 0-935621-57-1
66 pages
Price: $6.95

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