Cosmic Comics:
Universal Tao

Finding Your Own Path Through the Tao

This is one of a series of colorfully illustrated comics put out by the Universal Tao System as a fun and entertaining way of finding your own path by working with Universal Tao practices.

How do you find what cannot be explained? These cosmic comics attempt to find you an idea to explain the unexplainable - the Tao and its way.

In this booklet, the fundamentals of the Tao are simply explained through a series of appealing illustrations. You learn exactly what the Tao is - and is not - so that any misconceptions about Taoist practices are removed.

This Cosmic Comics booklet expresses ancient Taoist wisdom in a light, lively, and humorous way. In this booklet it transforms and breaks down the barriers of the ancient and the present, the east and the west, assisting the student in lightening up to their own enlightenment.

ISBN: 0-935621-58-X
31 pages
Price: $6.95

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