Sexual Reflexology

The Tao of Love and Sex

The booklest presented here is built on the information from Master Chia'a first four books on the Healing Love Energy: "Taoist Secrets of Love", "Healing Love", "Multi-Orgasmic Man", and "Multi-Orgasmic Couple". Master Chia and W.U.Wei take the study of reflexology out of the realm of foot massage and into the realms of internal energy pathways, sexuality and compassion to guide students in understanding of Sexual Reflexology.

The study of Sexual Reflexology will help couples find their sexual energy potential is and physical compatibility. It will determine a couple's internal energy compatibility and reveal their character and disposition to help define the naturue of their relationship.

Whether alone, or with a lover, the "Sexexercises" presented here can help anyone go deeper into a sexual relationship. The art that has evolved over centuries of Taoist understandings can be brought to life again today to further expand the healing power for lovers in the form of ecstatic acupressure.

Sexual Reflexology will enable you to evaluate a person's internal energy levels, as well as the size and shape of the sexual organs, by combining and observing external characteristics. Assessing physical appearance and bodily features can reveal the strengths and weaknesses of a person. It also reveals a couple's compatibility and can show you a potential lover.

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