Tao Yin

Exercises for Revitalization, Health and Longevity

Tao Yin

The booklet gives you an explanation and step-by-step practices of Tao Yin Meditative Postures with Full Body Breathing, River Flows into the Valley, Water Up and Fire Down, Monkey Rests with Knees in Air, Right Leg Extended, Monkey Clasps Knees, Monkey Pushes Against Knees, Elbows Pray Counter-pose (Clasp Knees), Monkey Flaps Legs, Stretch the Bow, Mountain Rises from Sea, Cricket Rests on Flower, Dolphin Lifts Tail, Simple Cobra's Ritual of Love, Opening the Spine, Peacock Looks at Its Tail, Monkey Rotates Spine to Leg Out, Dragon Stretches Tail and Claws to Side, Pull Bow and Shoot the Arrow, Bamboo Swinging in the Wind and Turn and Open the Door of Life. There are 53 pages with over 60 color illustrations and images.

Tao Yin: Exercises for Revitalization, Health and Longevity

This booklet, with the text supported by copious clear illustrations, sets out a series of the Tao Yin exercises which will help to revitalize the practitioner's system and bring the benefits of improved health, which can in turn lead to longer life.

Starting with Full Body Breathing exercises, the booklet moves on to describe a series of exercises which activate the different meridians in the body governing the various organs the bladder spleen liver kidneys and stomach. The importance of the Psoas Muscle and the various vertebrae groups of the spine are emphasized and a series of exercises helps to strengthen these areas.

The illustrations clearly show the correct method of performing the movements with diagrammatic displays of the movement of the vertebrae so that the practitioner can easily follow the correct procedures.

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59 pages
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