100 Day Program

Universal Tao System Hundred Day Program

100 Day Program
Living Tao Practices

In this booklet you will find all the information needed to begin the Living Tao Practices for your first few weeks after having been introduced to the entire Microcosmic Orbit Meditation, and it is very important that you try to practice diligently. You can divide your practice into several sections. Your training should be progressive; that is, once you have mastered one section, you can progress on to the next.

Be sure to spend at least one or two weeks on each section as shown in the this booklet, allowing enough time to thoroughly master each part before adding on the next section. Remember that you should always do the Chi Kung Warm-ups before going on into the mediataion; it is very important to loosen your spine before meditation.

ISBN: 0-9671718-6-5
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