Cosmic Chi Kung

Cosmic Chi Kung

This poster shows Master Chia illustrating all the Hand Techniques activating the Heavenly and Earthly Channels, the Three Meridian Hip Points and the Four Formulas of the Cosmic Chi Kung practices.

To connect with the energy channels we need to open them up consciously in the body. Through the Universal Healing Tao techniques (Bone Marrow Washing, Earth and Heaven Channeling, Tiger Mouth and Open Index Finger) we activate these energy lines, channels and meridians. This opens up our body to our consciousness. These Cosmic Healing techniques will assist you in connecting with your vital organs consciously to grow and experience the internal energy while healing your body.

Through the Cosmic Chi Kung formulas (Grabbing the Moon, Bridge & Regulator Channels, Yin (Functional) and Yang (Governing) Channels and Planets to Organs) you can activate the negative and positive channels in the body. Cosmic Chi Kung (formally known as Buddha Palm) utilizes hand energy line techniques that connect with vital organs opening your body up to be healed by the Cosmos. With daily Taoist Cosmic Healing practice you will activate and open up the body's channels to the Cosmic Forces of Heaven and Earth and cultivate them in your body. By growing this Cosmic Energy and incorporating the Elemental and Color Forces (Earth/Yellow, Fire/Red, Metal/White, Water/Blue and Wood/Green) internally you will set in motion the total body healing process for your health and longevity and healing others who are open to this energetic healing.

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