Cosmic Fusion

Cosmic Fusion

This poster illustrates Master Chia in the Standing Meditation Posture activating the Three Thrusting Channels, Creative Cycle and Belt Channels.

In this posture Master Chia illustrates the connection of the Crown Point to the Big Dipper and North Star. After setting up the Energetic Composting Machine and building the Pearl in Fusion I you need to open up channels of the body with Cosmic Fusion (Fusion II) to balance and heal the body. Through the transformation of the internal climate, excess sense energy and negative emotions you need to build the Positive Compassionate Golden Energy (Gentleness/Blue, Kindness/Green, Joy/Red, Fairness/Yellow and Courage/White) and send it through the body by opening up the Creative Cycle (Channel), Thrusting Channels (Left, Center & Right) and Belt Channels (Connecting Heaven & Earth), which are the Basic Fusion II formulas.

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