Elixir Chi Kung Practices

This poster illustrates Master Chia doing the Elixir Chi Kung Postures (Gather the Golden Elixir (Saliva), Swallowing Saliva, Dragon Gazes at the Pearl Looking Back at the Moon, Way To Offering the Rod, Giant Raises the Tower, Iron Bridge Swallow, Shaking the Head and Wagging the Tail, Pull the Silk and Swing the Leg, Tiger Out of the Cage, Iron Buffalo Plows the Land, and Fair Lady Jumps).

Golden Elixir Chi Kung contains twelve postures that develop and utilize the healing power of saliva. Ten of these involve gathering energy and forces through the body's hair, which acts as a negative energy filter and can also be used to store surplus positive energy. Taoists regard the hair as antennae extending out into nature and the universe. By utilizing these practices you can develop self-healing abilities that revitalize organs and promote longevity and spiritual vitality.

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