Tao Yin


This poster illustrates Master Chia in thirty Tao Yin Postures of rejuvenating exercises to open up the Spine strengthening the Tendons using Ancient Taoist Names for the Longevity Postures.

This is the Universal Healing Tao Tao Yin practice for growing the tendons in the body with breathing techniques (Poetry in Motion) in Tao Yin postures as opposed to stretching the tendons as in yoga for flexibility. By growing the tendons you give the body the space to move while building and strengthening the tendons instead of stretching the tendons out creating a situation where the body could lose its strength and power. You might gain flexibility but you could become too loose and lose your structure, support and intensity, which are vital for your health and longevity.

With the Tao Yin breathing technique you are initially directing the energy (Dark Energy Out-Bright Energy In) to various areas (Abdomen (Upper and Lower), Groin, Sacrum, Chi Belt, Kidneys, Diaphragm, Lungs (Lower & Upper), Scapula, Neck, Temple, Crown and Whole Body) of the body in a laying down posture to start the tendon growing process. Then you go through a series of postures: (Knee to Chest, Knees to Chest, Elbows Outward, Bridge to C7, Bridge to Crown, Bow, Tiger Stretch, Rise Spine to T4, Peacock's Tail, Heel to Groin, Bamboo Swinging in the Wind, Cross Legs, Palms over Head, Shooting the Arrow, Cobra & Bouncing Knees); you focus on the psoas and sphincter muscles and joint tendons growing them with each breath. You move through each posture breathing out the dark energy and breathing in the bright energy as you gently lower, rise, twist and turn each vertebrae of the spine opening the joints.

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