Tendon Nei Kung

This poster illustrates Master Chia in the Eight Tendon Nei Kung Iron Shirt Standing Postures and Exercises with the Cosmic background strengthening and growing the Tendons and exercises with detailed descriptions.

This is the second level of the Iron Shirt Chi Kung practices dealing directly with the growing, strengthening and maintaining of our tendons for our structure, posture and personal power. This is the second step in building your Iron Shirt (Temple) to do your Inner Alchemy practices creating the dynamic Spinal Whip Movement, building the Chi Pressure and Tendon Power with your breath from the Earth to Feet to Ankles to Legs (Knees) to Hips (Psoas Muscle) to Spine (5 Lumbars, 12 Thoracics and 7 Cervicals) to Scapulas to Shoulders to Crown to Chin to Chest to Arms to Elbows and extending through the Fingers.

As you exhale your breath into your Tan Tien, Close your Genitals, Pinch your Elbows and Contract your Heart (Like a Clenching Fist) and at the same time torque your Toes, Heels, Ankles, Legs, Hips, Vertebras, Jade Pillow, Arms and Fingers with the rhythm of the Earth and your Heartbeat then you release (let go) the Air Pressure; as you inhale your Heart expands and your Tendons release your whole body while it effortlessly moves back to its original position by itself.

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