Lesser Kan and Li

This poster illustrates Master Chia sitting in Meditation Posture with the Five Virtuous Protective Animals, Pakua, and Energy Body connecting from the Crown to the Five Planets, the Big Dipper and the North Star.

The Lesser Kan & Li is the first formula of six formulas (Two Levels) in the Immortal Tao which takes you to the highest level of the Inner Alchemy practices transforming one substance into another (Physical Body into the Spirit Body). The formulas of Lesser Kan & Li (Coupling (Reversing Hot & Cold Energies), Steaming (Five Vital Organs, Endocrine Glands, Spine, Lymph, Nerves and Twelve Channels), Body Pulsing, Inner Eye, Self Intercourse, Supplementary Practices and Turning the Wheel) start with Kan (Life Essence, Lead, Water, Kidney and Sexual Energy) and Li (Spiritual Essence, Mercury, Fire, Heart and Compassionate Energy) in the Cauldron at the Navel to form the soul body. The practice of the Chinese formula Siaow Kan Li (Yin and Yang Mixed) uses darkness technology to literally steam the sexual energy (Jing) into life-force energy (Chi) by reversing the location of yin and yang power. This creates an internal energetic streaming machine, which is required for the final transformation of the Inner Alchemy practices.

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