Universal Tao
Chi Cards
Level II

Level 2: Bone Marrow Nei Kung,
Fusion of the Five Elements, Tai Chi Chi Kung,
Sun Ch
i Kung, Moon Chi Kung, Heart Chi Kung

The Chi Cards are Universal Tao Formulas to guide you through your Practice written down step-by-step, corresponding to the books, with the reverse side having the colored visual illustration. The Chi Cards are a packet of 20 cards (playing card size in physical form, 1 sheet of paper in electronic form) which are practical, simple to follow, clear to read, and easy to carry.

Chi Cards: Level 2
(20 Cards/Set)
ISBN: 974-85823-6-1
43 Pages
Price: $9.95

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Chi Card excerpts from over several Energy and Formula Cards from this Card Deck for practicing the Tao.

Example Chi Cards from Level 2 Set:


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