Universal Tao
Chi Cards
Level VI

Level 6: Enlightenment of Lesser Kan and Li,
Karsai Nei Tsang (Genital Massage),
Tai Chi Chi Kung III (Wu Style Short Form)

The Chi Cards are Universal Tao Formulas to guide you through your Practice written down step-by-step, corresponding to the books, with the reverse side having the visual illustration. The Chi Cards are a packet of 20 cards (playing card size in physical form, 1 sheet of paper in electronic form) which are practical, simple to follow, clear to read, and easy to carry.

Chi Cards: Level 6
(20 Cards/Set)
ISBN: 974-85823-6-1
43 Pages
Price: $9.95

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Chi Card excerpts from over several Energy and Formula Cards from this Card Deck for practicing the Tao.

Example Chi Cards from Level 6 Set:



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