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World Link Meditation (E-Audio DL-CD1)
Through this process we can gain inner peace and happiness. Everyone can also gain the ability not only to heal themselves, but others too. Naturally, the first step is to be at peace and be happy with ourselves as we work to accomplish our goals. Therefore, I have devised this meditation, which becomes especially profound when its effect is amplified by thousands of others in a Circle of Consciousness and Awareness.
Cosmic Inner Smile (E-Audio DL-CD2)
In this file taken from the audio compact disc, Cosmic Inner Smile provides explanation and guided instruction for learning to feel the sensation of a smile on your face and then moving that sensation throughout your body-smiling to all of your internal organs and your spine and brain. Smiling in this way is both calming and joyful. This file guides you through an easy twenty five minute progression known as the Inner Smile Meditation. This meditation is part of the ancient and often overlooked science of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Cosmic Six Directions (E-Audio DL-CD3)
In this file we would like to share a simple method to expand your mind power to connect to the Six Directions of nature, the cosmos, and the universe. By doing the opening of the three Tan Tien to the 6 directions together with the Cosmic Healing Chi Kung form with the colors, you can learn to create the Chi field. These energies come to us as light and we can separate the light in individual colors, known as the Healing Colors. When we can train the body to these energies or light then we can transform it to be our own energy.
Cosmic Orbit (E-Audio DL-CD4)
The Microcosmic Orbit Meditation audio compact disc awakens, activates and circulates healing energy-Chi or prana-through the two primary acupuncture channels of the body - the Functional and the Governor Channels. This practice is the ancient foundation for healing and martial arts and is essential for developing increased life force energy.
Wisdom Chi Kung (E-Audio DL-CD5)
Meditation, Theory, and Practice: Master Mantak Chia leads you through three aspects of the Wisdom Chi Kung practice. You have only to sit and follow his guidance. Wisdom Chi Kung trains the practitioner to rest the brain in the head and to utilize the second brain, the abdominal or 'gut' brain.
Cosmic Healing Sounds (E-Audio DL-CD6)
Cosmic Sounds that Heal presents detailed instruction on the postures, sounds and emotional tuning that constitute the Six Healing Sounds. The Sounds are easy to learn and joyful to practice. They are part of the ancient and often overlooked science of Traditional Chinese Medicine. For centuries they have been used for detoxifying, strengthening and regenerating the internal vital organs.

Cassette Analog Audio

Lesser Kan and Li (E-Audio DL-C29)
Kan and Li literally means water and fire. The Chinese formula Siaow Kan Li (Yin and Yang Mixed) literally steams the sexual energy (Jing) into life force energy (Chi) in order to feed the soul or energy body. In this tape, Master Chia introduces the Kan and Li forumula.
Greater Kan and Li (E-Audio DL-C30)
In this tape Master Chia instructs on continuing your practice of the Kan and Li meditations. In the Lesser Kan and Li, you learned to establish a cauldron in the navel. In this, the Greater Kan and Li, a new cauldron is re-established at the solar plexus, where most of the Greater Kan and Li meditation transpires.
Greatest Kan and Li (E-Audio DL-C31)
In this tape Master Chia instructs on the final part of the Kan and Li meditation series, the Greatest Kan and Li. The essence of the Greatest Kan and Li practice is the establishment of the cauldron at the Heart Center, also known as the Middle Tan Tien or Cinnabar Palace, and the further refinement of the soul and spirit. It is at the Heart Center that most of the Greatest Kan and Li practices take place. The coupling of the energies here, involving macrocosmic-microcosmic energetics, is the central formula.


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